BELA Preschool offers on-going, age appropriate assessments including the following:

  • All BELA students are offered a Speed DIAL-4 screening within 3 months of admission
  • All BELA students are offered or provided referrals for vision, hearing, and dental screenings on an annual basis.
  • 4 Year Old Students are offered a modified PALS Pre-K Letter Recognition assessment
  • All BELA students are offered a minimum of two Parent/Teacher Conferences each year. Families will also be offered a minimum of two home visits each year.
  • ALL BELA students are included in Teaching Strategies GOLD Observation Tool while under the care of qualified teaching staff.
  • Students identified for special needs are evaluated using a variety of observational and evaluative tools and receive services from Delta County Special Services Child Find if services are deemed necessary by qualified staff.