Utility Assistance
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Delta Family Center partners with Energy Outreach Colorado to provide assistance in paying utility bills for families in Delta County. Please contact a family navigator to learn more!

Family Resource Center

Delta Family Center has a team of family navigators on staff that are here to support the families of Delta County. Please reach out to us at 970-874-9517 for questions or to learn more about our programs!

Parents as Teachers
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Being a parent is hard work!

Parents as Teachers is here to help!

Looking for someone to be there for you as a support? Would you like to have someone there to help you

  • Talk out your problems and stress

  • Help set goals for your child and family

  • Provide activities to do with your child

  • Bring your child development information

  • Have opportunities to connect with other families

  • Earn free books and gift cards

For more information contact Amber or Janetta at 970-874-9517